Latinborder Puzzle

Nata: 08/12/2014
Colore: Blue merle 
Breeder: Latinborder
Roi LO1527737 
ISDS IT/336155 

HD A - ED 0
CEA/CH normal
CL normal
PRA free
MDR1 clear 
Comproprietà Luisa Gianstefani e Stefano Darchini

Latinborder Puzzle

Rock of latinborder 296596 CloverHill Silver 262891 Tweed 219065 Tweed ISDS 194137
Nan ISDS 211339
Fly 248741 Roy ISDS 201387
Tess ISDS 237893
Astra Lynn 277225 Cap of Killiebrae 266571 Dolwen Chips ISDS 194883
Jill ISDS 245915
Astra Bute 248719 Int Sup Ch Sweep ISDS 180949
Eryri Nan ISDS 214305
Latinborder Duma IT/324369  Llanflyllin Spot 281596 Moss 260050 Buddy ISDS 233487
Midge ISDS 232914
Sali 262198 Chip ISDS 208092
Snip ISDS 238791
Bastet LOI 071251 Brains'n Beauty Innocent Phantom Multi Ch Terminator Vom Kuschelmuschel
Whoopy Blue Vom Kulchelmuschel
Brains'n Beauty Klondike Annie Brains'n Beauty Boomdoggier
Svk Ch Beesting Fame and Glory

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