Nata: 17/12/2015
Colore: nera bianca
Breeder: Laura Caroli
Roi LO16155000
ISDS IT/346448

HD A - ED 0 
CEA/CH normal 
CL normal 
TNS normal 
IGS clear
MH clear 
NCL5 clear 
Raine Syndrome clear
MDR1 clear


Latinborder Rewind

Tomos 293110

Dale 248762 Chip In Roy 213922 Nap 188631
Nip 173146
Jen 226092 Nap 205278
Hilston Sue 194262
Meg 264655 Roy 232153 Tweed 194137
Roz 214437
Coed Lyn 241613 Robbie 211388
Jill 225076

Rock of latinborder

Cloverhill Silver 262891 Tweed 131760
Fly 248741
Astra lyn 277225 Cap of Killiebrae 266571
Astra Bute 248719
Bastet Brains'n beauty innocent phantom Terminator Vom Kuschelmuschel
Whoopy Blue Vom Kuschelmuschel
Brains'n beauty Klondike Annie  Brains'n beauty Boomdoggler 
Beesting Fame and Glory 

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