Latinborder Wonder Games

Nata: 21/11/2017
Colore: Blue merle 
Breeder: Latinborder
Roi LO18/4451 
ISDS IT/354949 

HD A - ED 0
CEA/CH normal
CL normal
TNS normal
MDR1 clear 
Raine Syndrome  clear
IGS normal
MH  normal
NCL5 normal

Latinborder Wonder Games

Cap Blue Ranch (ISDS 328604) Prince (ISDS 298536) Mirk (ISDS 284360)
Gwen (ISDS 274484)
Sian (ISDS 296922) Rap (ISDS 247914)
Jill Thunderace (ISDS 254764)
Latinborder Duma IT/324369  Llanflyllin Spot 281596 Moss 260050
Sali 261298
Bastet Brains'n beauty innocent phantom
Brains'n beauty Klondike Annie


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